Rather long time to first byte and in total

Hi everyone!

I would really appreciate some insight about my site performance. It’s basically videos and images, a WordPress site.

I have installed W3 total cache plugin, but I am not sure if I have chosen the right settings.

What can I do to improve the performance?


Thanks so much!

Biggest problem you’ve got is that your server is too slow - this is evident from the long TTFB for both the main page and the minify.php calls

It could be the dynamic minification of the CSS and JS is putting the server over the edge or it could just be underspec for what you are doing.

There are quite a few other things you should do e.g. turn on GZIP but you need to solve the poor performance of the server first.

You can start by disabling plugins one by one and see if you can find the real culprit for TTFB. Enabling slow query log or monitoring through phpmyadmin can help. If possible install APC to speed up a bit.