Raw Testdata file changed?

Has there been a change in the downloadable “Raw Testdata” file?

I download the files and process them in PowerBI every two weeks. The content seems to be totally different from the files I downloaded two weeks ago. So or the contents has changed or I am doing something very wrong.

Would you please tell me?

With best Regards

I downloaded a testversion today. It looks as if the “old” files are back again. Ik will test them tonight. Thank you!

With best Regards

Well to bad: the files have changed again and are unusable to me. Is there a way to het to the old format of the raw data?

It seems to be provider dependend what the “raw page data” file download contains. There are two Amsterdam NL providers. From Godaddy I get data that I can use and from IISpeed a totally different file which is unusable to me.

I didn’t expect that different providers do provide different types of data to be downloaded.