Repead View ..mean?

Greet Tool! Thanks

The repead view means
the time from [color=#FF0000]MY[/color] computer
the side is fully loaded?

Greetings Jo

Hey Jo,
its written in the “documentation” :

[quote]First View:
The First View row is a test that was done with a browser that had its cache and cookies cleared out and represents what a first-time visitor to the page will experience.
Repeat View:
The Repeat View row is a test that was done immediately after the First View test without clearing out anything. The browser window is closed after the First View test and then a new browser is launched to do the Repeat View test. The Repeat View test represents what someone will see if they are coming back to the page some time after visiting it the first time (and is a best-case scenario since the test is re-visiting the page immediately).[/quote]

So has nothing to do with “your” computer.
greetings Satyam

Hello hohleweg,

As kayferdinand mentioned Repeated view is the second try from the’s server end without clearing the test browser cache so it can replicate a user end situation to see if your website does have performance features like caching or not and how much would it take to load your website without clearing the cache .

Good luck.