results differ very much with google WM

this is the result page

is ok but not perfect?

at yottaa we have performance 3.28 site loading an yslow score of 73.
google page speed says 90/100

but at webmaster tool, site performance is at very bad 8.8 sec.

why does it differ so much?

it is on a shared hosting, with w3tc and maxcdn (are the pics too slow?)
+1 is also very bad

what do you think? upgrade to another hosting solution? (sometimes load times are very slow) thx!

The scores don’t necessarily correlate directly to performance. It’s important to focus on the actual times. The site performance at webmaster tools is for all users and across all of your pages. If you check some other pages on your site it is possible that some of them are a lot worse.

Looking at the bandwidth chart, after the render start you are bandwidth constrained (would need to compress the images more, delay load some or remove some). Before start render you have some room to work with.

What really concerns me is that request #10 looks like it is re-loading the base page. Do you have a javascript redirect of some kind that drops a cookie and re-loads the page? Whatever is causing that to happen is a blocking event and eliminating it will speed things up substantially.

As far as +1 goes, are you using the async snippet? If not you should change the way it is embedded in the page to load asynchronously.

thx for your reply. I think the rating comes because of “not so good” international performance.
I did a new setup, now it is like this

quite good, but bad start render timing. that is actually the thing that can be annoying to users right?
point 2 and 3 are a bit confusing as you mentioned. I think that comes from customized css that comes with the theme…?

ok, I think I tracked down the root cause. The conditional comment for IE css is causing the blocking behavior that we are seeing between request #2 and 3. Stoyan has a good blog entry on it here:

If you add an empty conditional comment at the top of your head it should eliminate the blocking behavior and shave 300-400ms off of the render and page load times.