"runtest.php" API is appending characters to Test ID

Hello WPTers,

I am pretty familiar with WPT’s RESTful API’s but today I encountered something I’ve never seen before. I am hitting .com/runtest.php? and it is returning a test ID with characters appended to it.

Normal ID: 180928_DEVi9E_6
Weird ID: 180928_DEViVV_b68aa21b460fbe7675a81002d5

Does anybody know why this is happening? It’s breaking my integration.


The longer test ID’s are for tests marked as “private”. They get a random hash instead of a sequential number as the last section of the test ID but that has always been the case. Maybe there was a change that your tests are now private when they weren’t before? That said, your integration sounds like it was making incorrect assumptions about the test ID’s.

Thank you SO much! That was it. We are running our own instances of WPT in our own network therefore there’s no need to mark private. I removed that option for my users and we’re back on track. Thanks again! :smiley: