Same browser, different locations: different loading order

i’m testing an url with the same browser (Chrome) from different locations:

  1. Germany - EC2 - Chrome - Cable,
  2. Brussels, BE - Chrome - Cable,
    and realize pretty different order of loaded ressources.

Could somebody explain me this behaviour?

On key difference is Brussels is running Chrome 49, whereas Germany is running Chrome 55 - how much this is affecting the test I’m not sure.

Also one test is using visual web optimiser and the other optimizely - how are these being injected into the pages is GTM doing it based on country or something else?

in both tests are used both of visual web optimizer AND optimizely - they are indeed hard to recognize because of completely different loading order. Both of them are loaded with help of javascripts, not gtm.

How you’ve got to know about different Chrome versions? How is it possible to force tests with certain browser version to run them under absolutely same software circumstances?

If you click on a request and look at the request headers you can see the User-Agent string.

Pat manages the EC2 & Dulles locations so keeps them up-to-date, other locations are run by volunteers so may not be updated as regularly