Scrapebox Connections Optimizer

I read a lot of misguided information everyday about configurations for Scrapebox. The most common being related to Timeout/Maximum Connection settings. I wrote this guide to break some common misconceptions about Scrapebox and help you optimize your network to achieve the greatest potential. I have done my best to write this guide with as little technical jargon as possible. However, this is not a guide to be used lightly. Changes you make here can severely affect the performance of your operating system. It is highly recommended you revert back to your default settings after using Scrapebox.

By default Windows 7 does a pretty good job at optimizing your network card and TCP/IP settings for normal everyday use. Unfortunately, Scrapebox is not an application that falls into that category. Scrapebox hammers your network connection, router and network card with multiple simultaneous connections at a very fast rate. By default your hardware cannot keep up with the demand necessary to run Scrapebox to it’s highest potential. In this guide you will make the necessary changes to prepare your network for the high demand usage of Scrapebox.

What this application will do:

Increase Network Stability and Reliability
Reduce Network Overhead and Improve Scrapebox Performance
Optimize your network connection for mass HTTP requests
Reduce Comment Poster Times while maintaining Success Rate
Stop your network from throttling your connections

First lets talk a little about what Xrumer - Scrapebox does and how it affects your connection.

When Scrapebox begins posting your new Auto Approve list, it instantly opens up multiple connections from your network to the internet. The amount of connections it opens can range from 1 to 500, defined in the SB Maximum Connections settings. Incidentally, if you were to set your SB installation to attempt 500 connections on an unoptimized network you would almost immediately crush your own network. Default settings on home user level hardware cannot withstand 500 outgoing/incoming connections at a constant rate for very long. Most network hardware is designed to immediately block all connections at the first sign of this. It is a built in feature to help protect home users from malicious activity.

On top of the hardware level, you have limitations in your own Operating System. By default Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008 disable some resources that we can use to help improve how our network connection handles HTTP Requests, Packet Processing, Memory and CPU management, compression and various other goodies. It is also designed by default to operate optimally for normal network applications. Luckily, Scrapebox is NOT a normal network application. We need to make the necessary changes to accommodate to the needs of this application.

Xrumer Connection Optimizer



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