scripts downloads in parallel in IE


as says, IE8 do download scripts in //

But webpagetest shows that sometimes they don’t :

Is this a bug ?

HTTP watch basic used on the same page that has been tested by webpagetest ( shows that IE8 do download scripts in //

I think tests from webpagetest do not reflect the reality at the moment

Thanks. I’m not sure what is going on there - when I test on my desktop with IE8 and Pagetest (desktop version) it looks correct so there must be something going on with the test machine. I’ll take a look at it.

I switched some things around on the test system and it’s working correctly now. Not sure why IE reverted but it looks like it was running in compatibility mode for some reason - that won’t be happening again (though I’ll be keeping an eye on it). Thanks for pointing it out.

Here’s the correct results that I just ran: