sendKeyDownAndWait not working

sendKeyDownAndWait command is not working in a search bar.
Link of the site is below:

clickAndwait and javascript is also not working.
Please help me with this issue.

If the page already has jQuery on it you can use the same approach I used on the Trainline site

It’s about half way through this deck -­e-instances/

Thank you for the reply.

Jquery is working in console, but not in webpagetest.
Following is the script I am running.
I am running it for payment page.
As $("#cardNumber").keydown() wasn’t working I tried with other Jquery commands and they are working in console.

execAndWait $("#cardNumber").trigger(“focusin”)
execAndWait document.querySelector("#cardNumber").value=“XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX”
execAndWait $("#cardNumber").trigger(“focusout”)
execAndWait document.querySelector("#expiry").value=“05/25”
execAndWait $("#expiry").trigger(“focusout”)
execAndWait $("#cvv").trigger(“focusin”)
execAndWait document.getElementById(“cvv”).value="***"
execAndWait $("#cvv").trigger(“focusout”)
execAndWait document.getElementById(“cardName”).value=“Pappy Pp”
execAndWait $("#cardName").trigger(“focusout”)