Sharding across multiple locations


I have a private instance with three agents : 1 in Dublin and 2 in Paris.

I would like to balance the load of the test runs between the two agents in Paris but I don’t know how to do that.

I see a mysterious option called “shard_tests” but I don’t understand the option.

Is it supposed to shard the tests between all the locations regardless of the location specified in the test ?

How can I defined the locations that should be sharded ?

Thank you for your attention.

WebPagetest will automatically load balance tests for a given location. The tests go into a queue on the server and the agents poll the server for work and as long as they are configured for the same location ID they will pull from the same queue. You shouldn’t have to configure anything for it to work.

The shard_tests option will split an individual test across all of the testers so it can complete faster (if you are doing more than 1 run).

Thank you. It works.