Sitecomparsion: whole site


is it possible to show the whole site instead of the visible part in the browser?

Newspaper-sites have a somewhat long frontpage and testing them in the comparsion mode you will not get any movement, after the upper part of the site is complete.
Viewing the video and you see no changes, too.

My second issue:
If there is no way to show the full page, is it possible to add an icon or progressbar?


Capturing video of the full height of the page isn’t possible. It would slow down the actual loading of the page (pretty significantly). I sort of understand wht you’re asking for regarding a progress bar but that would seem to completely counter the “visual” part of the visual comparison.

For argument’s sake, for a long page like a newspaper, does the content below the fold need to be loaded as part of the initial delivery or does something like this make more sense: ?

Ok, thanks for the answer.

This lib is interesting, i will discuss it and see if some customers see the benefit, but i am not sure if there are some trubble with SEO.

I tested the script on the page of a customer.
The code is not working in Firefox 3.6.8. Images are already fetched, did not getting it to work, even put the sonar.ion function all across the code, but firefox was still in front with loading the images …

Hmm, ping Dave Artz about it ( I was more generally talking about the concept than necessarily that one execution and it shouldn’t hurt SEO as none of the text is being pulled in by javascript (and for browsers that don’t support javascript it shouldn’t change how they see the page).

Is it possible you firefox testing is on a really fast connection close to the servers so the images load before the script has a chance to unlink them?

You’d probably want to play with the logic anyway and perhaps pull the content in at onLoad instead of waiting for the scroll but conceptually it’s about getting the above-the-fold loaded as quickly as possible and lazy loading the content below the fold.

Hi there, sorry for not getting back sooner, been on vacation. I have a newer version of Sonar available (one is a jQuery plugin) though I haven’t heard of a Firefox issue with it. I really need to blog about it. If you could e-mail “dave [at]” I’ll hook you up.

Hi. I have a similar problem (, capturing the full screen in video isn’t necessary for me, but what would be very usefull having a screenshot of the entire frame instead of just the window. Like screengrab for firefox. Is that in some way possible in Internet explorer?

By “entire frame” do you mean the browser window (status bar, etc) or the full length of the page within the browser? I’ve considered adding support to capture the full page at the end of a test but haven’t had a chance to implement it yet.



Entire frame as the full length of the page within the browser (have a look at our page page ( and weep :-))

But both are interesting. Since the windows screenshot might pick up pupups etc.

By the way. Would you be interested in a node in Norway?

Full length of the page is something I plan to do (though not sure how soon I can get to it). I’m used to pages like so it’s hard to make me cry :slight_smile:

A node in Norway would be cool, particularly if you would find it helpful. Check out the requirements (particularly the security considerations) here - and let me know if you’re interested.



Hi. Long time since I’ve had time to look into this. But now I’ve got two spare machines that’s connected to a 2Gb/s network, in their own dmz.
What operative system would you prefer on them (They are installed with windows 2003 server now, but I could give them 2008, XP, win7 or anything else you would like) Fully reachable by RDP.

Probably best to ping me off-board at to sort out the details.

Anything 32-bit works. 2003 server or XP would be necessary if you want IE7 and are generally a little easier to configure than 2008 and Win7 but we have test machines running all of the above so whatever works best for you.