Slow website - can't understand test results

Test results:
Design: WIX

Something is very slow in loading. I don’t know if it’s JavaScript, CSS, images or something that shouldn’t be in there. And, I don’t understand what the test results are telling me.

Can someone help me?
Thanks. Phil
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Guide

Your test generates straight A grades. Nice work!

You are loading 2.3 megabytes though, large footprint. Fat site.

A fat site is a slow site every time.

This image does not have to be a PNG and can be converted to progressive jpg saving about 500KB (Half a megabyte) right there.

Find more ways to decrease your footprint.

As Anton observed those images are weighing down all your good work.

I think your customers know what a helicopter and the Grand Canyon looks like - its the text they want to read. “What are the tours and prices?”.

You have a lot of requests (137) - does the page use them all? The homepage loads 42 javascript files as well. Many more than once.

Maybe you need a different HEADer for different pages? As you know previously loaded files will be in the browser cache

Consider concatenating the javascript files and CSS into logical lumps and minifying them. Maybe you can lazy load some javascript.

What is it the site is selling - the book or the trips? If it’s trips then maybe this should be your homepage in which case it needs to go on a crash diet.

OK, so you want to have some images - load them up in a carousel while users read the useful stuff. Maybe put the helicopter canyon porn somewhere for people to enjoy if they have the time and bandwidth.

Straight A’s - good work!