So you think you can dance, you can be bonny, too

So you think you can dance, this reminds me of a very brilliant slogan of a dancing club I’ve heard whenI was in college, ‘give me the rhythm, I can dance’, which inspire me a lot, as a result, I sign up for the dancing club and started the first jazz class in my life. I don’t want to talk about how smart the ad was, I just want to say the feeling when I first saw it, just like a sign telling me that you can do anything as long as you want to.Then, do you want to be beautiful? What’s the most desired equipment for you to become beautiful? For me, I want a pink dress—an amazing color that can make you as shining as stars as long as you want to.When I was in adolescent age, I have a clear cut stand on what color to love and what to hate, if you could have a look at my wardrobe at that time, you could find out that the basic color of my closet are black, white, blue and sometimes dotted with occasional scattered large red, I barely had pink cloth which I thought might make me look naive.

But don’t know from when, I become addicted in pink, not that kind of full candy pink, but a mix of gray or gold with gentle pink tone. And I gradually notice that most girls around me kind like have developed a love for this lovely color.

fall winter haute couture of Elie Saab 2011

Have you seen the fall winter haute couture of Elie Saab 2011,after seeing that, I kind of understand why there are so many girls coming back to the pink color which they don’t like before. Just like a designer says, pink is a great transition color, its biggest role is to regulate the ratio between hot and cold tones, making them look more natural.

karen millen lingerie satin pink dress

Beside Elie Saab, the Georges Hobeika Couture 2011 deduces the charming color for us again, you may say, they are too expensive for us to buy, come on, we don’t need to buy those expensive dresses, just pick a cheap Karen Millenlingerie satin pink dress,these one is amazing, isn’t it? Anyway, I like itvery much!

Of course there are so many fabulous dresses; choose the right one and be confident in yourself, so you think you can dance, you can be beautiful, too.

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