Special Characters in URL

Hi everyone,
I have been looking through the forum but couldn’t find any thread that deals with that issue.
I’m trying to send an URL to the API that has special chars in it.
e.g. äöü ( it’s my customers URL - I cannot change them )

I’m trying to send the URL parameter url_encoded - so that
an ‘ä’ would get encoded to ‘%C3%A4’ like I would do on the Web Interface - but on that API that doesn’t work.

URLs without the special characters work - but with this chars I get an encoding error.

I really would appreciate your help… thanks in advance!

The UI uses the API so it’s likely just some tweaks needed to get it working. My guess is you need to url-encode the encoded version of the URL a second time when using the API so the decoded version matches what was submitted through the UI.