Speed Up Test

Hi, Im working on a solution where I need to get all images from a web page among other results.

I created an EC2 private instance and kept a single agent always alive. I also have a Lambda function in Node that runs the test, and an API Gateway to call this function.

The problem is that the test always takes longer than 20 seconds independently of the tested site and the API Gateway timeouts after 29 seconds, that means that if a poorly optimized site is tested, I always get timed out.

Is there any configuration when running the test that improves the performance?

This is the current configuration:
wpt.runTest(url, {
custom: customMetrics.join(’\n’), *
location: “us-east-1”,
connectivity: “Native”,
firstViewOnly: true,
runs: 1,
pollResults: 1,

  • customMetrics are really simple js calls.


PS: Sorry for bad english

I guess Its not an easy trick. I thought there were some options like Keep browser open or something that could speed the test up.
Thanks anyway