startRender time more than docComplete for IE 11

I ran a test on a website using the wpt API, for IE11 and Chrome. For IE11, I am getting start render higher than doc complete time. I am getting such result constantly for the locations NewYork, Dulles, San Jose and Virginia.

Any suggestion on, why I am seeing render time higher than doc complete is welcome. I am getting doc complete time less while running manually as well as with API on IE. I get right data when executing a test for Chrome and Firefox.

Something is going on with your IE 11 page where the document complete is firing after only 2 requests and all of the content is deferred until after that. Are you loading all of your css, js, etc asynchronously or off of a timer (or using something like Cloudflare’s rocket loader)?

From the looks of it, in IE 11 the content hasn’t actually loaded yet so there is nothing to render.