Strange inconsistent results

Hello friends,

I’ve done some results and i am getting strange inconsistent results on one website, it’s something i haven’t seen before with all these years of web development.

Problem is, the load time is either 5 or 25 seconds. This bugs my head, i’ve tried many solutions, nothing works so far. I know the lag is not related to the website code, it has something to do with the server and it’s name servers.

Help is much appreciated, here is a LINK to the results;

Thank you!

Are you running a private instance and uploading the results to the public instance?

DNS problem?

Your site runs WordPress.

Repeated WPT runs produce wildly varying results.

You site shows to be hosted on a GoogleFiber connection, so looks like you might be using your residence or hosting with someone using their residence. Just make sure you hosting company runs all servers using UPS backup systems + at least one backup ISP connection (in addition to GoogleFiber).

Your site is only site on your IP.

Looks like either you or whoever is hosting your site requires tuning the LAMP Stack.

Check top. If swapping, add memory.

Check mysqltuner. Fix all diagnostic messages.

If you require assistance, likely hiring someone to tune your LAMP Stack will provide more consistent WPT tests.