Strange results for an https test on github


I ran a couple of tests on github yesterday and got some really confusing results:


in particular I noticed the chrome test makes little sense, and the IE one is reporting that certain resources have no expires set, even though I can see the expires header in chrome dev tools

Any idea what is going on?

Chrome is a known issue where SSL and SPDY requests are not being decoded. I have a fix that I hope to implement in the next week or so (assuming things don’t get too crazy).

I’m not sure why the resources look the way they do in IE but the strange part is that the headers look reasonable and some of the HTTPS resources DO have expires times on them. Do you see it consistently for the same resources? I’m wondering if maybe something funky happened with the akamai edge node that the WPT agent hit.

Interesting, I just tried again on ie9 and got the missing expires.

And I was wondering … maybe this is happening cause akami are implementing improperly

Github should really get on their case

I don’t think it’s that issue but it may be similar logic of some kind (and I’m not sure that it’s on Akamai’s end). Looking at the responses themselves, it looks like all of the css and js are being served without cache control headers but all of the images are.

Actually, check that - fetched the resource directly from github and the headers look a lot better:

Definitely getting messed up going through Akamai.