Test Error: Invalid Browser

Hi, I’m running tests on the WPT website and keep receiving “Test Error: Invalid Browser” sporadically.

Sometimes all 3 runs will fail immediately, other times 1 or 2 of the 3 will fail, sometimes all 3 are fine. So I don’t know why I’m receiving this error. I’m using most of the default settings, just changing a few things - so maybe there is a conflict with the default ones and what I’ve changed.

My settings are:

  • Test Location: Los Angeles, CA USA (Chrome, Firefox,Opera)
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Connection: LTE (12 Mbps, 70ms RTT)
  • Desktop Browser Dimensions: default (1366x768)
  • Chrome-specific advanced settings: Capture Lighthouse Report [on]
  • Emulate Mobile Browser [on]: Motorola G (gen 4)

Any help is appreciated! I’m new to the tool so I hope this is not a silly question :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. The Los Angeles location has 3 machines, one of which is having some pretty serious issues and failing tests. Since we have much better capacity and similar browsers with the EC2 California location I went ahead and hid the LA location until we can pull the unhealthy machine out of the pool.

The Mac’s with iOS simulator support will continue to be available in LA.

I see, thanks for taking the time to reply. I will run it on the other LA option then :slight_smile: