Test location not showing

Hi, I am trying to set up private instances in AWS China region and can’t seem to get the agent location to show up in the server. Doing manual set up since there are no AMIs in the China region. I am fairly certain locations.ini and wptdriver.ini are set correctly. But just in case, here are the settings:


label=“PEK - Chrome,Firefox,Safari,IE11”

browser=Chrome,Firefox,Safari,IE 11
label=“PEK - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 11”


I tried ?hidden=1 and confirm that the server is parsing locations.ini correctly. On the agent, the wptdriver status is “Checking for work”. I also confirmed that the agent is able to access the server’s port 80. Need to check that because AWS China blocks some ports by default and we have to have them opened. Also confirmed that the document root/tmp folder exists and is owned by the user on the server.

I try to make sure i check everything mentioned in this issue

Is there any other reasons why the server might not be able to pick up the agent? Does the agent have logs somewhere that show the status of server polling?


If you check you Apache/Nginx logs you should be able to see whether the agent is polling the server OK