Test Locations - Definition Missing

Hi, I’m having troubles seeing my Test Locations, in fact, I can’t see any.

My locations.ini looks like this:


label=Local server

label=“Local Server”

browser=Galaxy - Chrome,Galaxy - Chrome Beta

With that configuration my, WPT private instance shows nothing in the fields ‘Test location’ and ‘Browser’

On my http:///install, I can see that Test Locations shows only:

Local_server: Definition Missing

By the way I have configured the agent and mobile agent. I can run only desktop test entering some URLs and my private instance seems to grab the local server parameters since I can see the test running over the agent and I get my Test Results every time.

On my http:///getLocations.php shows empty.

Can somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Somebody knows why I only can see pubic locations, but not my private locations configured on agents?

Do you have the local agents running and are they polling the server? Easiest way to check is to look at the access.log on the server for the requests to work/getwork.php and make sure the location ID’s match up. The locations will be hidden in the server UI until an agent actually connects.

Both agents are running. I think both are polling too, on acces.log I can see polls from Desktop and Mobile agents.

Besides, private instance shows results for desktop agent; but not for mobile. Checking in mobile agent, I can see that, when I do a mobile test, agents start giving some permissions but at the end mobile browser never opens, and final results for test are empty.

Don’t know why, agents are hidden.