Testing AMP Speed?

Is there a way to see the script used behind these tests: https://www.webpagetest.org/video/compare.php?tests=171206_81_654bb6303a02d6659712c7d77478e389%2C171206_QE_b0cc21426822376798cab14a1d025b11%2C171206_RP_6dcda15ebe2280a50571f36886de126c&thumbSize=200&ival=500&end=visual#

Found here: https://medium.com/@martin.schierle/measuring-amp-performance-a75a804bb9b1

Also, how were the results compared? Is there documentation surrounding - how to create a side by side comparison?

Is there a way to group certain pages together and do this at scale?

Thank you!

What exactly do you mean by the script being used? The article shows the script being used for showing the in-search experience, the others are just straight URL loads. A side-by-side comparison just takes the test ID’s from individual tests as a comma-separated list in the URL.

Thanks Pat! That comma separated list is such a cool feature!! Can’t wait to try it out.

In terms of what my end goal →

Blue-sky vision: Compare ~100 (or more, time allowing) AMP pages from origin URL, their canonical URLs, and Google AMP cache version. Ideally, I’d like to get an overarching view of what’s the value of the Google AMP cache.

I’ve tried to test the URLs at https://www.google.com/amp/ and they end up redirecting to the main AMP URL if you try to test directly. Scripting seems like the best option. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get this to work, just a bunch of blank returns (which is totally my lack of WBT scripting abilities). Read the documentation, looked for resources on topic, closest I could find was Martin’s piece (still couldn’t get it to work). Any help would be super appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi Pat!

Martin was able to help me on this one. I missed checking the “Emulate Mobile Browser” on the “chrome” tab!

Also helped with script (below for continuity in thread):
logData 0
navigate https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Ajcrew.com+weartoworkshop
sleep 3
execAndWait window.scrollBy(0, 1200);
execAndWait window.scrollBy(0, 1200);
execAndWait window.scrollBy(0, 1200);
sleep 3
logData 1
execAndWait document.querySelector(’.amp_r’).click();
sleep 10

Thank you!