The screen shot is a black screen shot

I’ve already seen the post

I am also running the instance in a remote computer and I follow the instructions.

  1. set the instance computer login automatically.
  2. set the urlblast automatically run after the computer is start.
  3. restart the computer and never login it.

But still I got the black screen shot.

I’am update to webpagetest2.7 version.

Is there anything i’am missing?


Did you disable power management and the screen saver? If Windows “turns off” the screen or the screen saver kicks in it will also result in a black screen shot.

If everything else looks good then you may have to disable hardware-accelerated graphics in IE. It should already be done by WPT but if you have a GPU in the test machine and IE uses it for hardware acceleration then the screen shots may not work. It is an option in IE’s advanced settings.

Thanks a lot~~

It was caused by the screen saver. After I delete the screen file, it can capture the right picture.

Hi Pat,

I have a private instance running on VM. I have disabled screensaver settings (changed the registry settings for screensaver) and enabled autologon. And followed the above mentioned instructions of restarting the instance rather than disconnecting RDP. I still get screenshot errors. Is there something that I’m missing ?