Time to first byte (Joomla) soo high

here my test-result: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/160105_DP_YEF/

My big problem is the Time to First byte.
i have an dedicated server and a joomla 3 site.
After migration von j1.5 to j3 i had these problems and can’t solved it, also not with help from the community:


has anyone an idea what i can do?

Best regards, tom!

That TTFB is among the worst I have personally seen. But your bigger problem is 3.2 megabytes of pageload. You can take 1.2mb right off that just by optimizing your jpeg images, listed here: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/160107_9V_4TV/1/performance_optimization/#compress_images

The above will take SECONDS off your pageload time and make a huge performance difference.

The true picture of what your site loads on browsers won’t come thru testing with FF or Chrome. Here’s what IE 11 sees, all of your 119 calls not just 88. http://www.webpagetest.org/result/160107_9V_4TV/1/details/

You are saying this TTFB problem started after version upgrade in Joomla?

Hey Anton,
i know compress images will be make the performance a little bit better, but dont solve the problem with the TTFB.
Also on my site with less pictures (maybe an article-page like that: http://www.hdsports.at/laufsport/leichtathletik/11015-oelv-legende-robert-nemeth-verstorben) the TTFB is more than 1 second.

Yes, the TTFB-problem startet after migrationv on J1.5 to J3.
In J1.5 my page had much more modules and plugins, but the TTFB was good (i think < 0,5sec)

i actually dont know, where the problem is, maybe server-configuration or database-performance problem…

Right, you’re more worried about the milliseconds, when visitors notice, seconds.

Honestly though, have you tried turning off all plugins with this upgraded install, and test it that way?

Check this post, might be interesting. The second half of it:


I have done following.
Make on my Joomla an empty site and turning off all modules here:
TTFB is going down to 0,5 (but thats also bad for an empty site)

Than i also deleted the .js for advertising and fonts, so the “Request Headers” reduces to 11, but TTFB also 0,5

So i dont know where the problem is, maybe database-configuration or server-configuration…

But before the platform upgrade, you had no TTFB issues?

No not really, TTFB was much better, although i had more modules and plugins on my old site (before upgrade) running. so i dont know why my site is now so slowly…

i tried another thing: with Firebug in Settings i deactivated javascript and load my site and i see on the waterfall also a TTFB over 1 second. So the javascript files are not the reason. and all images come from the cache.
the only load 1 html-file and not more. and ttfb is 1,8 seconds.
i absolutely dont know where the problem is… :((