Time to First Byte‏ really slow (inner page)


I’m having a really troubling situation with my Godaddy’s server.
I have a fully dynamic website developed recently; The content of my website is coming mostly from third party partners.
However the website is really SLOW.
I tried to run some tests, 3 different pages are concerned for the test:

Here are the analysis:

  • For the Home page, the time to first byte is: 0.389s. Which is normal as all the image content are coming directly from my server. (http://www.webpagetest.org/result/150404_F4_3K0/)

  • For the inner page 2, the time to first byte is: 3.047s. It’s a bite long. In my opinion, the texts content (all the content) are coming directly from the server, which make the load time acceptable; unfortunately, the images are coming from the partners’ website. Normally as the images are not coming directly from my server, it was supposed to be really fast, but here the first time to byte is long, longer than for the home page. (http://www.webpagetest.org/result/150404_H3_3HP/)

  • For the inner page 1, the time to first byte is: 22.905s. TOO LONG, UNACCEPTABLE. the results are coming fast, it’s ok, but the first time to byte is coming after 23 seconds. As all the images are coming from the partners’ website, it was supposed to be fast, really fast. But the server is taking too long time to respond to a query. (http://www.webpagetest.org/result/150404_GH_3MP/)

The conclusion is very appealing. The server time to first byte is unacceptable when it comes to get results from 3rd party server. I don’t know what to do to resolve that issue.

I want to change the hosting provider, but would like to know exactly if it might arrange the situation. It’s a php developed website. Do you think it might be a server issue? (the homepage is running fast, but the inner pages which use content from third party server, are not).

Any idea of what can be the issue and solution?


Does the inner page php code make back-end calls to the 3rd-party server to figure out what the image URLs are going to be or is the only integration with the 3rd-party on the front-end (where the browser loads the images). In the former case it could be the cause of issues and your hosting wouldn’t impact it at all but in the latter case it would have nothing to do with the first byte time of the base page.


Yes, the server code is actually calling out the 3rd party server to get and display image. Most of the image displayed are received from partner’s server.
I checked the code, it looks pretty ok for me, but I really don’t understand where the problem might be.
I’ve sent you a PM.
Thanks very much for your time.