TTFB for 1st/2nd view is bad compared to the report TTFB

Hello ,
The TTFB for the whole report below is graded an A.

But the TTFB if clicked on the 1st/2nd view is graded as D’s.

I would assume that the grades would be A’s as well. Why would the TTFB be graded so differently?

Let me know.



The overall grade uses the results of the first view median run test -

So which TTFB should we care about?

Overall? Both 1st and 2nd view as well?

I’m trying to figure out if we need to cut down the TTFB if the 1st/2nd view TTFB are graded a D knowing that the overall TTFB is graded a A.


There’s really no “Overall” for TTFB. The grades just picked one of the runs - you really care about all of them. My recommendation (if you use Google Analytics) would be to look at the site speed data in GA and look at the server response time distribution for your user base. That will give you a much larger sample size to look at and see how much of a problem it is.