Ugh please help me with this 20 second TTFB issue, this developer is killing me.

Hi there,

I paid a developer to come in and help speed up my website and things have turned into a nightmare.

I now have a 20 second load time before my home page comes up and I have begged him to fix it for me for 3 weeks. He tells me that everything is working on his end fine and that it must be a country specific issue?

Please help, I’m certain it’s a wordpress plugin issue but this guy won’t listen to me or believe me even when I direct him to this forum.

Thanks for anything you can do.

You get a 20+s pageload, because there is a video playing. Playtime is added to the load time. Nothing wrong with your site!

First step is to dump cloudflare and see what your site is actually doing?

In your WPT, you have run the test just once. I re-ran the same URL 9 times and see a different result:

In terms of load time: You have multiple CSS and JS files that could be concatenated. You have 4 custom fonts that loads pretty late in the waterfall. This could cause a delayed start render.

Cloudflare offers HTTP2. Consider turning that on, if it is possible. This should help mitiagate some of the performance issues. Note that for HTTP2, you will need to move the whole site to HTTPS. You can get free SSL certificates from authorities like LetsEncrypt.

Hope this helps.