Unable to capture data for URL which contain port number & require certifcate

Hello Folks,

I am unable to capture data for “” URL in wpt private instance. Getting “navigation error” in the test. However, manually I am able to access this url in the browser after importing the certificate. Importing certificate is mandatory to this URL.

I am unable to get the solution. Is it port issue or certificate import issue?

Tried a below code in script tab in wpt and try to execute the certificate run time. But it doesn’t work.

log Data 0
sleep 100
log Data 1

Could you please let me know the solution if you know. Thanks in advance!

You will need to install the certificates on the test agents. I’m not sure if it is possible for Linux agents - for those you may need to add the certificate stores to a custom profile that the agent copies over at startup (not sure the agent even supports that yet). For Windows, importing it into the OS certificate store should work.

Does it work if you check the “ignore ssl certificate errors” box in the advanced settings?