Unable to click on Sigin out link using WebPageTest script

Hi Patric,

We are developing Web Page Test script for one of the site with Login and Logout scenarios. We have completed the most of the script and struck at clicking the sign out link using WPT.

Please help us in getting WPT script for the Sign out button. Enclosed the screen shot having the corresponding html code for the Sign Out button.

Below are the different WPT script we have tried but no luck.

clickAndWait id’[@id=“ps-chrome”]/div/header/div[3]/div[1]/div/div[4]/a/span
clickAndWait id’[@id=“ps-chrome”]/div/header/div[3]/div[1]/div/div[4]/a
clickAndWait class’linkIcon—2Jg75
clickAndWait class’linkIconFill—34ilp
clickAndWait class’link—1cRsZ
click innerText=Sign out