Updated waterfalls

Hopefully it isn’t too jarring but we are working to standardize the way waterfalls look across tools (colors in particular). I took the first step in introducing the new color scheme yesterday by coloring the TTFB and content download times of the connection view waterfalls by Mime type (we based the colors for the mime types off of the chrome dev tools):


I kept the connection state colors for now because that would be a pretty jarring change but eventually those will be changing as well (maybe as a user preference for classic vs standard colors). I thought there was enough value in the mime colors to apply that change sooner rather than later because it makes it really easy to tell the types of content directly from the waterfall.

The pie charts for the mime types on the main results screen have also been updated to use the new color scheme and match the waterfall.

The connection state (socket connect, dns, ssl negotiation) bars are narrower than the content bars to help clearly distinguish them, particularly for cases where the colors may be similar to each other.

As always, feedback is welcome.



Good idea.
It’s convenient to see the type of file (e.g. HTML or JS or CSS) via colors. I also like the narrow bars for the connection as this is something very difficult to change. But the Time to First Byte + Download Time is changeable via caching or the reduction of the file size.[hr]

It would make sense to change the Waterfall View as well to this new design soon.

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