User authentication on private instance


I’m trying to get a private setup running. Is there a possibility to create accounts on the private web server?
The hosted solutions allows one to create an account and keep track of performed tests…


Are you referring to WebPagetest or WPT Monitor? WPT Monitor requires accounts.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply. I was referring to Webpagetest.
I am not aware of WPT Monitor (look into it though:))…

Moved the thread to the webpagetest forums (and renamed the “Hosted” to “Private Instances” so it’s clearer)…

The accounts on the hosted instance come from integration with MyBB. If you install a MyBB instance into a /forums/ directory off of your private instance then you should get access to the account support as well.

I’ve debated adding support to WebPagetest itself as well for account management but it hasn’t been worth the effort yet. When I do it will probably be some form of OAuth integration and not support accounts specific to webpagetest.