Using WebPageTest is complete!

After two years from inception to production, I’m proud to say that the book I’ve coauthored with Andy Davies and Marcel Duran is finally complete.

Thanks WPT - That very helpful with my website

We owe huge thanks to the production team at O’Reilly for their hard work whipping the book into shape and making this a reality. Most importantly, we honor Pat Meenan for tirelessly maintaining the tool for nearly 10 years.

We’d also like to thank Ilya Grigorik, Lara Hogan, and Tim Kadlec for generously allowing us to quote them on the back cover of the book. We are also in debt to Steve Souders, who has done so much for the web performance community and is even responsible for many key WebPageTest features including the filmstrip. As Steve has kindly written in the foreword of the book:

WebPageTest is the leading web performance tool in the world today. It is easy to use, provides the performance metrics that matter, and is pioneering new ways to measure the actual user experience that websites deliver.

In 2009’s Even Faster Web Sites, I wrote that WebPageTest “hasn’t gotten the wide adoption it deserves.” Fortunately, that’s no longer true. In fact, now there’s even a book about it! Read on and find out how to get the most out of WebPageTest to help you deliver a web experience that is fast and enjoyable.

It’s our hope that this book will invigorate readers into leveraging the power of WebPageTest to more effectively improve the performance of their sites.

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