Visual Progress Chart data export

Is there a way to export the visual progress chart data from a given run? I want to be able to get the data from that chart into a spreadsheet. I have been able to recreate a chart from a run by grabbing the XML data from the test, and using the data from the time and visually complete columns (columns RT and RV). But I am not sure if this is the correct data.

Also in a related question, I haven’t been able to get the XML from some tests. As I understand, you can get the XML from a test as follows:[testID]/

But for some reason that doesn’t seem to work with each test.

If you pull the JSON response e.g.

You see a videoFrames array within each run’s data, this is the same data that’s plotted on that chart.

The XML data should also include the visual progress along with the frames:

Do you have an example where the XML was not available but the regular result was? It shouldn’t be possible because they both use the same underlying data.

Patrick - I thought I tried the URL yesterday and it gave a 404 error. Now it is ok - Although I admit I might have entered the wrong test ID - this URL works fine now. I will let you know though if I have any issues. Thanks