W3C navigation timing problem - agent 362 WPT Server r1936


I have problem with scripted scenario that is run with IE9.

navigate https://some.domain/someURI/aaa.aspx
setValue id=userid myID
clickAndWait id=sign_in_button

I got following results:

The waterfall of course is broken because of such values.

For simpler tests results seem to be measured properly.[/quote]

I investigated this problem deeper and it seems that it reveals for all my IE9 agents. In every test i get always the same values for domContentLoaded and loadEvent (same between tests).

The problem is present also for non-scripted tests. Opposite to what I wrote before.
Below is example of the affected waterfall chart, but for stripview waterfall charts are drawn proporly.

The wrong values (2147483647) in binary notations are 1111111111111111111111111111111

It may help to investigate what is wrong.

You may need to update the server-side page_data.inc code which filters out bogus timing data if it sees it (usually negative values that are converted to unsigned or something like that).

This change specifically: Added some data sanitization to filter out invalid times (sometimes h… · WPO-Foundation/webpagetest@635a9ac · GitHub

Has the source code been moved to github?

I usually upgrade my WPT server with svn update so probably this is why I have outdated version.

Yes. You should be able to rename the current directory, git clone to the old directory name, copy the config files over and move the results folder over.

Sorry about that - I couldn’t find a cleaner way to do it. I did leave the old code on SVN to prevent accidentally wiping out someone’s server in case they did an update so it is a little more confusing than it would normally have to be.

Thanks Patrick for your support. It seems that my issue is solved now.