Waterfall details empty because wptResult is empty

So this is weird, testing a site, I found I could break the waterfall. Not sure why, but it appears variables in details.php get returned blank. No scripts, just a straight test through the GUI with default options, except private ,1 run, capture video

Public instance
where the unexpected token is:

Private instance, I see this on details.php
var wptRequestData=;

I’m on PC chrome, latest version, but various coworkers are using mac/chrome, likely latest version

Are you still seeing issues? The waterfall looks to be loading OK for me now. Could be there were issues as the support for multi-step testing was being rolled out but I think I’ve fixed all of them (at least all I’m aware of).

Sorry Pat, I just tried another test and cleared my cache

When I click any of the requests in the waterfall, it refuses to show popup with details. I still see the TOKEN error.

Whatever populates that parameter seems to break the UI
Interestingly enough, if I do the test on another url, like www.ign.com, it works fine.
So there must be something with that Omaha link that’s breaking WPT.

Thanks for the details. Should be fixed now. There was some data in the response headers that wasn’t being encoded to utf8 internally so it was choking when it came time to encode it as json. Should work now.

It works! Thanks Pat! When would the code/build be available for download? We’re on a slightly older build of webpagetest, and I’d like to get dev to plan for the update.

(Thanks again for fixing this so quickly)

My Ops team asked I also clarify if it’s the agent or server that requires an update.

It is the server (and it will retroactively fix previous tests not working). I am finishing up support for Microsoft Edge testing and should be done with it in a week or so at which point I’ll cut a full new 3.0 release.

If you don’t want to wait and I imagine updating the server is a little more heartburn than the agents, the change is trivial and can be patched into your current server: https://github.com/WPO-Foundation/webpagetest/commit/a5748ce382511011c0b76de6369695557e2529b2

Basically in common_lib.inc it needs a new function to convert something to UTF8 and in object_detail.inc it just needs to call the function to fix-up the requests data before returning it to the rest of the code.