WebPageTest Private instance - You've reached the limit for this month

Just updated our private instance to the latest version 23.01, and I am facing the below error. Any idea why?

Oops!You’ve reached the limit for this month

Don’t worry! You can keep testing for free once you log in, which will give you access to other excellent features like:

  • The ability to save your tests! Access up to 13 months of tests, making it easier to compare tests and analyze results.
  • Ability to contribute to the WebPageTest Forum.
  • Access to upcoming betas and new features to enhance your WebPageTest experience.

FWIW, the issue is due to errors during the server install. It is working after adding permissions that are required

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Great to hear that you found the root cause and resolved the issue. It’s great news!
Could you please let us know the steps you followed to fix it? This information will be really helpful for us to understand the process and be better prepared for similar situations in the future.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a bunch!