Website loading very very slow! How to optimize ?

Ok our website is here,

Its takes around 3 minutes to load or even more. I have no idea, whats going on.

Ignore the number of requests or assets of the page. Looks like its something else.

Im hosted on

Do you have a test that shows the page taking that long to load (or field metrics)? When I loaded it it came up a lot faster than that (more like the 18 seconds from your other thread).

How much time did it take for you ?

I optimized it a bit yesterday and it takes around 8 seconds now.

I need it get around 2-3 seconds at max, since I have seen websites much heavier and takes just 2 seconds to load.

I was testing with Pingdom tools and I see, all of our websites takes the first WAIT TIME too much and then starts to download the assets.

Why is that ?

Is that wait time server bad ?

Can you share WebPagetest results from testing your site (the URLs for the test results are permanent and sharable)?

Once you share the results you’ll get a lot of feedback about areas for improvement and where you should focus.

Your repeat view had me wondering so I re-ran the test:

Your REALLY long onLoad times are caused because something is preventing the load event from firing (possibly the live chat widget).

Your first byte times need a lot of work too. At 3 seconds that’s already higher than your target (should be well under 1 second). From the looks of it that is going to be a combination of your DNS provider and hosting provider (or app performance). If you make your base HTML cacheable for some period of time then cloudflare can help by delivering your page directly and not hitting your host.

Focus on the grades at the top first - looking at the waterfall there are a lot of basic things that need to get fixed.

GZip compression for your js and css could save you nearly half of the bytes for them: (if you use cloudflare they can take care of this for you as well). If you are using netdna, why are you not serving your static resources from the CDN? They can also do text compression for you if your host won’t.

You need to compress your jpeg images with a lower quality setting. It won’t be visibly different but it will cut the size of the images in half.

Since you are on Wordpress you should probably see if you can get W3 Total Cache working and use it to help you optimize:

  • Turn on page caching to help with your first byte times
  • Use it to combine your css and js files together (you have WAY too many loading separately)
  • Enable browser caching with a long cache time
  • Configure it to serve your static files from your CDN

Those changes should cut the load time by half at least and will reveal other areas that can improve but don’t do any other work until you take care of the issues above.