Welcome to the new forums section. I’m a big fan of forums as a knowledge-sharing platform and hope you find value in the discussions here.

Look for the forums to get more tightly integrated with the site in the near future. Some of the things that I’ll be adding are:
[]Authenticated users will be able to see their own private tests in the test log
]When I add rate limiting to testing, authenticated users will not be as constrained (if at all)
[]Authenticated users will be able to annotate their tests and see the comments
]Authenticated users will get one-click integration with the test results to be able to spawn a discussion thread directly from a test result
[]Authenticated users may be able to bypass the spam controls and test sites that would otherwise be restricted (not sure I want to do this yet, but considering it)
]I may make some of the testing options only available to authenticated users - those that seem to get hit freuently by spam bots



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Thanks Patrick!