Who uses IE7 still?

I’m using test location Seoul. However the only browser supported there is IE7. Who uses IE7 still?

Can you please upgrade this to more modern browsers?

Thanks in advance.

South Korea has a security law mandating IE - that may have something to do with it.

3.3% according to W3Counter’s aggregated browser statistics, about 4% based on the latest Browser News statistics. I realize you probably weren’t looking for statistics, but the fact that IE7 is still being used means it’s valuable to have it available for testing.

Admittedly, most test locations have at least one modern browser available, and the Seoul location does not. It seems to be running either Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP, so the newest version of IE it can run is IE8. Chrome and Firefox ought to work though.

Well since it takes 40 seconds to load a HTML5 page if not at all… At its current state, Seoul test server is pretty much useless if you want to test the loading speed of any modern site.

Please install Firefox and Chrome at least if you cannot upgrade it to current version of IE so that it will be usable. Right now it’s simply not. Webpagetest.org’s purpose is to test the loading speed among other things, right?

I don’t have access to the test machine so I’ll need to reach out to the partner running it to see if they can update the install.

Please reach out to them and install. I would be ever so grateful.

Thx. Ryu


Have you contacted your partner in Seoul yet? Any chance of installing a modern browser versions?


Now Seoul server with all modern browsers supported.

Thanks a lot.

Seoul server now seems to be downgraded again to have only IE7 and IE8.

What happened to Firefox and Chrome?

I pinged the guys at Naver to have them take a look. There are 3 different test machines and the one running IE 11, Chrome and Firefox went offline.