Why is webpagetest.org showing an no max-age or expire alert for the domain?


Here’s the link


[quote]FAILED - (No max-age or expires) - https://res.ebdcdn.com/static/images/buttons/facebook-login-large.1472466057.png
FAILED - (No max-age or expires) - https://res.ebdcdn.com/upload/banner/201707/140030219842.400x400.jpg
FAILED - (No max-age or expires) - https://res.ebdcdn.com/upload/banner/201707/140124209927.400x400.jpg[/quote]

Current rules:

[code] location /static/ {
expires 1d;
alias /sites/www.eyebuydirect.com/static;

location /upload/ {
    alias /sites/res.ebdcdn.com/upload/;
     expires 1d;

When I check the link(https://res.ebdcdn.com/static/images/buttons/facebook-login-large.1472466057.png) with Google Chrome, I see it show: Cache-Control: max-age = 86400.

Colud you tell me what is your check rule? Why I am failing?