Why is WPT so slow?

Guys, i’ve built a website grader using the WPT API to evaluate functions such as Security, Page Speed etc…

I’ve subscribed to the WPT plan to use the API. However my website grader is taking nearly 6 mins to return a result. Nearly all of that is system idle. So presumably it’s waiting for WPT to return.

When i test the WPT interface on this site. I get a similar delay. I assumed because i’m paying a subscription fee i wouldn’t be behind 60 other tests?

This renders my whole tool pretty much useless… Help!

I’m only using first view.

Well if ever there was a title to get our attention quickly. :wink:

Sorry to hear that it’s been slow, and yeah, any API driven results should definitely not be taking that long (manual tests could, as those are a lower priority in our test queues at the moment).

Could you share a few test results? (If you’d rather not publicly, can you message me and we can work through what’s going on and get you running faster?)