WPT Public Instance Test Server Configurations?

We’re drilling in on platform configurations, and comparing results from our private instance to the public one.

Is there a list of the test servers configurations that are available through the public instance?

Not really, they are cobbled together from whatever each partner had on hand. The EC2 ones (Dublin, Brazil, Singapore and possibly Hong Kong) are pretty easy - they are small EC2 instances.

For the Dulles location I’d be happy to provide specs.

The regular “Dulles” location are all VMs running on VMWare Hypervisor 5.1 (ESXi). Each physical machine is running 8 VM’s (one per processor thread). The physical servers are just white box systems I built myself:

  • Xeon E3 processors (Core i7 equivalents, a few different generations)
  • SSD storage (this is critical unless each VM has a dedicated drive)
  • 16GB of Ram (1GB allocated to each VM)

There is also a Dulles Thinkpat T430 location which is running on a physical machine (an i5 Thinkpad T430 using Intel HD4000 for GPU).

Thanks, Patrick.

What OS(s) are the client machines running?

Sorry for the delay (was out of town). Everything >= IE 8 is running on Windows 7 home premium 32-bit. IE 6 and 7 are running on XP.

Thanks for the response, Patrick.