WPT Stopped working after upgrade to HEAD

Warning anybody using HEAD version of WPT.

After upgrading to revision 917 WPT stopped working. Agents does not get any jobs.
After downgraded to revision 907 everything is working properly.

Artur Sudnik

Any chance you are relying on http calbacks to indicate that the tests ran? If so, the parameter changed from “callback” to “pingback” to avoid a conflict with the JSON callback API (I might be able to wedge in backward compatibility for cases where JSON isn’t used).

Otherwise there were pretty significant changes to the waterfall drawing code but nothing jumps out that would explain issues with fetching work. I’ll debug it some more this morning to see if anything jumps out. There was also a fair bit of code cleanup and that might have accidentally nicked something.

Here is a full diff of the server-side for anyone interested: http://code.webpagetest.org/comp.php?manualorder=1&repname=WebPagetest&compare[0]=%2Ftrunk%2Fwww%2Fwebpagetest&compare_rev[0]=907&compare[1]=%2Ftrunk%2Fwww%2Fwebpagetest&compare_rev[1]=917&comparesubmit=Compare+Paths



I use WPT monitor but tests submitted manually also didn’t work.

I stopped investigating after noticing that agents just don’t fetch jobs. getTesters.php script also reported that no agents were communicating to WPT server. On the agent side agents didn’t reported any errors except that they got empty jobs.

I have upgraded my instance of WPT Server once again. The problem persists. Agents connect to WPT server but do not get any jobs despite there are few in queues. No errors in acces logs and php error log. There are many warnings as usually.

How can I provide additional information about the problem?

The error is somewhere in changes from revision 910. Now I am sure.

Is anyone using HEAD revision of WPT?

If you comment out error_reporting(0); in common.inc it might log better information to the error log. I am using the head locally but I haven’t pushed it to the live server yet. 910 was a huge push that cleaned up a lot of code (and eliminated a lot of duplication in the waterfall code) so I’m not surprised it nicked something but I’m concerned that I’m not seeing the same issue.

Can you try just grabbing common.inc from the head and see if that is where the breakage is? That would be the most likely source (and that I AM running on the production server). That will help narrow it down.

Thanks (and really sorry about the breakage, we try to keep the trunk stable).


There are still no errors visible after commenting out error reporting setting.

While using r910 of common.inc for r907 of WPT Server everything works properly so error is somewhere else.

I use 308 agent version. Maybe here is the problem? Some kind of incompatibility…


Found it!

After changing line 70

$locKey = @$locations[$location][‘key’] || ‘’;


$locKey = @$locations[$location][‘key’];

HEAD revision started working.

Artur Sudnik

Wow, thanks for tracking that down for us. The public instance uses keys for everything which is probably how it slipped by. I just checked the fix in.