117 sec loading pls help

I got opencard website with good design. But it loads too slow.
There are defaul theme and with it site loads fast.
Help me 117 sec is not cool


I did compression of all js/css codes/ images. I connected gzip. But that all changes nothing. Don’t know what to do next

The time is all coming from the back-end (theme php code) so nothing you do with the css, js, images or anything on the front-end will help.

From the outside we can’t tell what your theme code is doing that takes so long but it looks like it is working ok now: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/160729_KG_WDX/

Given the really long delay, my guess would be that it is/was trying to talk to an external server to do something specific to the theme code and the server was unavailable at the time.

TTFB always relates first to LAMP stack tuning, next code like CMS theme + plugins or in your case, what appears to be custom code.

https://www.webpagetest.org/result/160726_A4_1DT3 suggests the likely problem is your LAMP stack or the code generating your home page HTML component.

Look at item #1 + #2.

Item #1 - The HTML component appears to be dynamically generated + is taking 105 seconds to generate + push down the connection to the visitor (browser, WPT, etc).

Congrats on having the 2nd slowest TTFB I've ever seen.

The slowest was a Hosting client I took on years ago who clocked in at 120 secs TTFB.

Item #2 - A small .css file takes 227ms to deliver. A bit slow for a .css file + still way better than 105 seconds.

My guess is your system is resource starved.

Likely best you hire a Server Savant to ssh into your system + check…

  1. CPU utilization (likely okay)

  2. Memory utilization + swap history (likely problem). If your system is swapping, it’s anyone’s guess how long it will take to generate your initial HTML + push it down the pipe.

  3. Do an entire LAMP stack audit, tuning Apache (look for error.log messages about thread exhaustion) + MariaDB (replace MySQL with MariaDB, if MySQL is running), PHP (ensure opcache is on + has sufficient key/pool memory).

After your first audit, run mysqltuner + mysql-tuning-primer daily, till suggested tuning messages all disappear.

LAMP stack basic tuning - areas of focus.

Ensure your disk mount options are sensible. Having reltime on is okay + I prefer noatime,nodiratime to disable access time recording + provide documentation clarity, if someone looks at /etc/fstab to check on mount options.

Ensure your database layer has bin logging disabled (unless you really are running replication).

Ensure your database is using the InnoDB storage engine, rather than MyISAM, so all your tuning can focus on one storage engine, rather than two.

Install XDebug + enable xdebug.scream + log everything to a log file + review to see if PHP is throwing errors during initial HTML generation.

If you get stumped, Skype me, with an Add Contact message referencing your site, + we can discuss your site.

thanks for answer, but i fixed that problem this way: i was working on index.php then was faster but without some features. And what i did. I copied that file from version when i started and all was working good.