15.074 second TTFB. Needs Help!

Hi all, I from Brazil.

Why my site have so long TTFB (between 8 and 19 seconds)? any help?

Hosting: IWeb
Mysql + PHP + Apache


Are you running on shared hosting or something dedicated where you have access to install something like New Relic?

9 times out of 10 is is because of slow MySql queries (combined with a lot of queries) but you need to instrument the actual application to figure out where the time is going (something like New Relic can do that for you quite quickly).


I have a Windows dedicated server. Researched at New Relic, but I think there’s no way to install it on windows with PHP.

I did the following test: I delete all the source code of my Home page and leave only written “test”. The result was that the first byte still remained between 8 and 19 seconds.

I use Zend Server to run PHP.

Out of curiosity, any particular reason you are using Windows to host php? The two don’t necessarily get along all that well for production sites.

If you serve a static html page does it still have the 8 second time or is it fast then? That will let you know if it is a configuration issue with teh web server itself or with how the server interacts with php (spinning up a new cgi instance for each request for example).

I imagined you would ask that. I chose Windows because I dont know anything about Linux, I did’t want to be depending of others, and paying to use the server.

Look that:

Static, its not all the time which this time, but…


I can’t divulge the website until we resolve this slowness.

Sorry for my english.

I found an error in a select at Home. Got lower the First byte significantly, but still is not 100%. I will tray other things.



I would say you have a very serious configuration problem with your backend, and the most likely culprit is your mysql database. You should enable the slow-query-log of your mysql server to check out which queries aren’t optimized, and start adding indexes to it!