2.14 upgrade/sqlite assistance

I wonder if someone has run into this issue:

2.12 install - Test History worked perfectly (all other functions work)
2.14 update - Test History php list is empty (all other functions work)

2.14 Files were downloaded from the 2.14 doc link - not git. Overlayed the existing www install. Updated “settings” and restarted. Only the 1 function fails.

I ended up debugging the “testlog.php” → getLabel (common_lib.inc) function which makes a SQLite3 call. This is dying as I don’t have a ./dat/labels.db.

sqlite> .databases
seq name file

0 main
1 temp

  1. What creates the “sqlite3” database elements? Did I miss something in the install/upgrade?
  2. In reviewing the downloaded 2.14.zip file (download via the documentation link) I do not see the “viewsqlite.php”, yet in git I see it is packaged in the 2.14 release (in documentation and via git clone). Is that intentional?

Any ideas on how to get the sqlite db and Test History functionality back on track?

Thanks in advance

The sqlite call shouldn’t die because it’s supposed to be checking for the existence before even making the call. I think there was a problem with runtest.php not recording the owner information correctly that I fixed a little while back that is probably the reason for the missing history: https://github.com/WPO-Foundation/webpagetest/commit/346f29f730736c9b2b66f7207da07b9313669157

If you take that one-liner hopefully that’s all that is needed.

Hi Patrick, I have exactly the same issue, I updated to 2.14 version but I don’t overwrite the old installation I created a new ine and then copied the settings and the results folder. But in history the new tests are not listed noor the old.

I checked the line that you mentioned and seems to be ok.

thanks in advance.

Thanks, finally it’s working.