875 ms First Byte Time and different performance in USA and India server

Hello Everyone,

i’m newbie here… i’ve one domain : http://www.iadmission.org/ setups with wordpress, cloudflare and keycdn, i tested my site few time in defferent zone like From: Dulles, VA - IE 11 - Cable

From: Indore, M.P., India - IE 9 - Cable

my target audience belongs to India and server at USA. please help me out to fix loading problem…

Thank you :slight_smile:

First, run more than 1 test run at a time to make sure you get representative results (I like 3 as a minimum).

Is there a reason that you are using both cloudflare and keycdn? Cloudflare is already a CDN and going to another domain for the static resources adds more DNS lookups and socket connections.

You are also comparing IE 9 to IE 11. You are probably better off using Chrome or Firefox (whatever your user base uses). The connection profiles will look a bit different.

One thing to consider is enabling HTTPS which (on Cloudflare) will also get you HTTP/2.