9 seconds for DNS look up, how to minimise, what is the standard DNS time?

Hello Folks,
I have checked my Google webmaster tool and found my page load speed is very slow, so i checked with Webpagetest and it showed me this http://www.webpagetest.org/result/100829_3SRZ/1/details/ more than 9 seconds of DNS look up and my other website http://www.webpagetest.org/result/100829_3SSA/1/details/ is also taking around 1 second for DNS how can i minimize this, what is the procedure and what is the standard DNS look-up time for an ordinary website?
Thanks in advance.

Try it a few more times from the different locations to make sure that wasn’t just a single problematic run but I would expect DNS lookups in the 150-250ms range at the most for an uncached entry (cached entries will come back in ~50ms because the local DNS servers already have the answer).

If it is something you see regularly then you should see who is hosting your DNS and contact their support (probably your hosting company in most cases). Don’t go to them with a single slow request though.

Thanks Pmeenan,

It is somewhat same with different location, more than u said 150-250ms.
I would like to also mention that the IIS 6 server has different websites, does that make slow DNS??
Is it like every website should have one server?
Or is it problem with hosting company?

DNS has nothing to do with the web server and is a completely different infrastructure. If you are using a shared web hosting provider then they usually need to run your DNS though (but not on the web servers).

Did you register your domain with the same company that is doing your hosting (common but not necessary)? If so, contact their support about the DNS performance.

Thanks for your answer, i am contacting my domain provider for the same…

I also want to know about the CDN, i am not using any CDN services so how can improve it so that the browser doesn’t check for any CDN in my website?

If you’re talking about WebPagetest then just ignore the CDN check if it doesn’t make sense for your application (customer base all in one region).