About Google's preference for SSL pages and speed

Google has announced a gradual increase in search advantage to websites that use SSL ‘everywhere’ and hence we have to look at it.

https pages seems to always be slower due to SSL negotiation.

Has anyone experience, or knowledge in speeding up results such as this?

Any feedback much appreciated!

first you should compress your images. For the .jpg images use e.g. http://www.jpegmini.com/ and for the .png images use e.g. https://tinypng.com/. This should speed up your site :slight_smile:

All done in terms of JPG and PNG!

We’ve done a fair bit of speed optimization - I guess my question is more about the SSL side of things - “how to speed up a https:// site” now that Google is providing a ranking lift to sites that use SSL everywhere.

Ilya Grigorik (Google developer relations) has a great site for TLS(SSL) optimization: https://istlsfastyet.com/ and also presented a session on it at Velocty (full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EB7zh_7UE4 )

There are a lot of things you need to watch out for and chances for it to not be optimized. When tuned correctly it should only add 1 RTT to the connection. If you also support SPDY then you should be able to make it just about as fast as the non-SSL version of the site.

On my quest to make my Prestashop website as fast as possible, a befriended System Admin recommended using NGINX / SPDY, which would serve most resources on your website as HTTPS anyways. The greater number of simultaneous connections should offset the delay caused by SSL negotiation.

Tech experts might be able to say more about this though.