About program computer ?

A computer program (called computer program) - a string of symbols describing the calculations in accordance with valid rules, called a programming vernacular [1]. The program is usually executed not later than a computer (recompense model, displays the web page), then undeviatingly - if it is expressed in a words understandable for the machinery or indirectly - if it is interpreted beside another program (the interpreter). The program can be a arrangement of instructions that portray the modifications of the machine but it can also outline the calculation in another in the capacity of (eg, lambda calculus).
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The formal expression of the calculation method in the stamp of merciful terminology understandable to the rise code is called when the program expressed in machine-readable (that is, past the numbers, and more precise ones and zeros) is called machine structure or binary physique (executable).

Computer programs can be classified according to teir applications. As a result distinguished by alcohol applications, operating systems, video games, compilers, and others. Programs embedded backwards the tool is referred to as firmware.